Community centre cash is promised

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CREST Nicholson will also invest up to £600,000 in a new community centre when the Monksmoor estate is built.

Plans for the centre have now been reduced to 530 square metres, revised from the original 1,000 square metres.

DDC planning officers said the size is not set in stone but the sum of cash is fixed.

Crest will invest between £550,000 and £600,000 in the centre. Officers are keen to ensure it is at least 530 square metres in size.

Under the conditions agreed the community centre must be completed by the time the 600th occupant moves onto the estate.

DDC officer Steve Ellis said: “To put this size into context the Grange and Southbrook estates each have around 1,100 homes and smaller community centres of around 300 square metres.

“Monksmoor will have 1,000 homes and we therefore believe a 530 square metre community centre will be adequate.”

Crest agent Scott Black added: “The old plans for a community building were way too big and suitable for a development of around 5,000 homes.

“We believe these new plans will be more than adequate.”