Community cash offers vital support

TWO town charities have received a funding boost which will help them continue for the next three years.

Citizens Advice Daventry and District (CADD) has been handed £202,500, while Daventry Area Community Transport (DACT) has received a total £67,500.

The funding, which has come from Daventry District Council (DDC), has been reduced compared to previous years but has, nevertheless, been described as a welcome boost by the charities.

The DACT cash is unrelated to the money it hopes to retain from Northamptonshire County Council to keep up the service it provides.

Previously DDC used to hand out the money in grants but this year the groups had to compete for the contracts after they were put out to tender.

CADD offers welfare advice to people across the district while DACT provides elderly and disabled people with a transport service. CADD manager Ann Bamfield said: “We are extremely pleased that we will be able to continue our service from Daventry. It is a reduction as we used to receive £264,000 for a three-year period but we were expecting that reduction and are grateful to have what we have.

“There may be changes in the coming years, we don’t know yet. But the important thing is there will be a Citizen’s Advice service in Daventry for the next three years.

DACT’s funding from DDC used to be in the region of £114,000 for a three-year period.

Chief executive Rob Kinning said: “This money will go towards the running costs of all the services we offer.

“It’s a fairly significant reduction but we are very grateful to have received the funding.

“This is good news but it’s completely different to the campaign we are running to prevent our funding cuts from Northamptonshire County Council. This money is something we were relying on.”

Voluntary organisations can still apply to DDC for grant funding of up to £15,000. For details call 01327 87100.