Community asked to help

Community-spirited people who see motorists throwing litter from their vehicles are being urged to take swift action to help Daventry District Council (DDC) catch the offenders.

It follows a recent case where a transit van driver was fined after being spotted throwing a bag of rubbish out of the window while driving along on Welton Road, in between the A361 and Braunston, during an evening in June.

A vigilant resident took down the details of the incident and reported the matter to the council, which tracked down the motorist and issued a £50 fixed penalty notice.

During 2013/14 the council issued 61 fixed penalty notices for littering, which included a number of people throwing litter out of the vehicles.

As part of the council’s Clean up My Community Campaign, people who see littering taking place from vehicles are being encouraged to report it to DDC, either online at or by calling 01327 871100.

Residents are encouraged to write down details on time, date and location, description of the driver and vehicle involved, including registration number, along with a brief account of what they witnessed.

Information could be recorded on a mobile phone if pen and paper is not available and, if they are driving, a passenger should record the details or the driver should wait until they have finished their journey.

A handy environmental crime reporting booklet which includes a checklist of details required is available to download at

DDCs housing and environmental health portfolio holder, Cllr Richard Atterbury, said:“Dropping litter is unacceptable in any circumstances, and throwing it from a moving vehicle is no exception.

“ People who do so should be aware that they can still be tracked down and fined or even prosecuted for their actions.

“With the location of our district at the heart of the national road network and major highways such as the M1, A14 and A45 running through our area, it’s important we all do what we can to tackle this kind of littering.

“I would encourage anyone who spots rubbish being thrown by motorists or dumped at the roadside to record the details and get in touch with us so we can take action.”