Community aims to combat careless drivers

A VILLAGE is hoping to extend its 30mph speed limit to try and tackle dangerous drivers.

Long Buckby Parish Council is looking at extending the current speed limits on three roads leading into the village to try and slow motorists down and protect pedestrians.

At its meeting on Monday, December 13, councillors voted to ask Northamptonshire County Council’s highways team to look at lengthening the speed limits along the B5385 Cotton End leading to the A428, the Brington Road and Station Road.

The council was told that houses and businesses currently lie outside the 30mph limit in Cotton End and that cars speed into the village itself.

The same was said about Station Road, but it was also highlighted that motorists cannot see the signs due to a bend and therefore get no warning of the speed change.

In both cases the councillors decided to ask for the 30mph limit to start at the village signs.

In Brington Road it was reported that cars were coming into the village so quickly pedestrians were being forced to get out of the way.

Here councillors voted to suggest moving the speed limit out of the village beyond the High Stack junction.

The council was also told about the measures being taken by police to help solve parking problems in the Market Square and wider village.

Letters, agreed by the police and parish council, are set to be sent out to all homes reminding motorists of the restrictions on parking and the possible fines and licence points for breaking the law.

At the same meeting the council was informed that a recent inspection had recommended it replace eight of its street lights.