Colourful way to tackle dog mess

Dog fouling paint
Dog fouling paint

Parishes across Daventry District are signing up to a colourful new initiative aimed at tackling the blight of dog fouling on their local streets and parks.

Daventry District Council (DDC) is providing them with cans of brightly-coloured biodegradable paint to spray on dog mess to highlight the extent of fouling in their communities and to help shock irresponsible owners into clearing up after their pets.

The move follows a recent BBC Panorama report which focused on residents in Manchester who were convinced that the spraying of dog poo resulted in a significant reduction in fouling. In response to this initiative, DDC’s environmental health officers have bought cans of brightly coloured biodegradable spray paint and invited parish councils to nominate concerned residents who are prepared to apply the spray to dog poo within their public parks and green spaces.

So far 15 parish councils have responded to the initiative and the Council will begin to distribute the sprays to willing volunteers this week.

Councillor Richard Atterbury, housing and environmental health portfolio holder at Daventry District Council, said: “This year our council has received more than 100 complaints about dog fouling, which poses a real health hazard to humans, particularly young children, and can lead to an infection called toxocariasis.

“I believe that the spray paint, alongside other initiatives such as regular patrols of hotspots, dog action days in badly-fouled areas and formal action such as fining and prosecuting irresponsible dog owners, will really make a difference.”

People can report dog fouling to the environmental improvement team at Daventry District Council online at or call 01327 871100.