Colourful art fills the streets of Daventry town centre

editorial image

Young people have been adding a splash of colour to Daventry thanks to the Community Street Art Project.

Local artist Stephanie Jayne and project organiser Lindsay Checkley helped members of the Futures Housing Group youth board create colourful chalk drawings in Foundry Walk to mark the first day of the Daventry Arts Festival on Saturday. An art project by students at Northampton College, youth board members and the Daventry District Forum was also unveiled. Both projects were organised by the Daventry District and South Northamptonshire Community Safety Partnership as part of its ongoing Community Street Art Project. Cllr Alan Hills said: “The Community Street Art Project has proved to be a really effective way of engaging with young people, and it is fantastic to see them getting involved in creating such lovely displays for the benefit of the wider public.”

Pictures by Michael Green