College aims to tackle town’s support issue

THE launch of a new Job Club from the Northampton college, Daventry (NCD), should help to address the issue of a lack of support for the town’s young people.

An article published in last week’s Daventry Express found two local young person’s charities believed stress and a lack of support were to blame for depression among the town’s young.

This echoed the results of a national survey conducted by the Prince’s Trust that found one in 10 young people felt they could not cope with day-to-day life.

Head of centre at NCD Ellen Buttler said: “It was disturbing to read the statistics published by the Prince’s Trust last week. Northampton College aims to complement the work of the Prince’s Trust and Time2Talk in Daventry that will provide some additional means of support.”

The Job Club will aim to help young people and adults improve their job search skills and CV, access volunteering opportunities and will provide a more in-depth advice and guidance service.

Ms Buttler said: “Once a young person has enrolled as a student, they can gain access to a range of enrichment activities that should help them regain their motivation and self-esteem.”

The college also offers a counselling and mentoring service for its students.

Ms Buttler added: “According to the office of national statistics population survey (July 2011 to June 2012) the percentage of people unemployed of working age in Daventry is higher than the rate for the East Midlands and for England. We recognise the importance of supporting individuals into work not only for their well-being but also in terms of sustaining businesses and the economy in Daventry.”

The club is due to launch on Wednesday February 6 and will be based at the college on Badby Road West.

It will run every Wednesday between 10am and noon with Wednesday afernoons from 1pm until 5pm for in-depth guidance including advice on how to finance your study for those wishing to return to education.