Coleen chalks up 20 years at Falconers Hill Infant School


The headteacher of a Daventry primary schools has chalked up 20 years of service.

A surprise party and assembly were held for Coleen Wilkins, who works at Falconers Hill Infant School.

Coleen said she had no plans to leave the school while she can make a difference.

“I had no idea about the party and assembly,” she added.

“It was really lovely and I did get quite emotional.”

The headteacher said there’s been a lot of changes over the years.

“One thing that has stayed the same is the wonderful staff and children,” she said.

“I hand on heart lookin forawrd to coming to school and want children to love learning.

“I love making a difference and have no plans to leave while that continues.”

Amanda Davis-McCabe, HLTA at the school, said: “We have a great headteacher who is not only passionate about our school but all that sail in it with her from children to staff to parents and governors in our school,

“Coleen is a great persuaders and listener - not just to the children but also to staff and parents.

“We are there for the children and we mustn’t ever forget that, I love being part of this family unit, because that is what it is a family at our school, everyone looks out for each other - the care she shows to children, parents and staff have undoubtedly contributed to the creation of a happy, successful and proud school that we are in, hence why I came back here after a short time away.”