Club and shelter for village youths

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A PARISH council is looking into ways of setting up more facilities for younger people in the village.

Kilsby Parish Council members want to set up a new youth club and a youth shelter for the village and are investigating ways of trying to fund both of the projects.

They are also looking to recruit someone who has experience in running youth groups.

Chairman of the parish council Rob Chamberlain said: “The youth club is very interesting, we are trying to partner up with Realize (a professional youth organisation).

“We are in the process of applying for grant funding to support the project but are waiting to see what will happen.”

The parish council was updated about the plans at a meeting which was held on Tuesday, February 8.

Cllr Chamberlain added: “The youth shelter is a separate but linked project.

“It won’t be decided upon until we know if we can get support for a partnership project with the Realize organisation.”

No timescale has been set out for when the club or the shelter would be set up.

A location for the proposed youth shelter has also yet to be decided.

Updates on plans for both projects will be heard at a future parish council meeting, which are held on second Tuesday of every month.

Other parish councils have introduced youth shelters into their respective villages but with mixed results.

One in Woodford Halse was installed in Byfield Road in 2008 and there was much delight among teenagers in the village.

Another one was installed at the Jubilee Playing Fields in Bridge Street, Weedon in 2009 but the area has seen problems with antisocial behaviour.

The shelter also became the target of vandals.