Climbers raise cash to help out charities

Kilimanjaro climbers
Kilimanjaro climbers

A group of climbers from the Daventry area have raised thousands of pounds for two different charities.

Andrew Tocher, Steve Marks and Mervin and Chris Osborne from Barby were joined on the trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro by Ian and Callum Scott, who live in Aberdeen.

More than £5,000 was raised by the group from the climb which was split between Diabetes UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

However, it was only Steve, Andrew and Ian who made it to the summit.

Andrew said: “The others were unable to reach the summit but they gave it their best shot. That’s was the hardest thing we have ever done but between both charities we raised more than £5000.

“Thanks to all for their help and I am looking forward to my next climb in May. I am doing the Three 
Peaks challenge in 24 hours again.”

The group started the challenge on Sunday, February 15 and finished eight days later. The challenge saw them walking eight hours each day.

They had six days going up and two days going down and on, the sixth day, the group left the camp in the middle of the night and walked to the summit in the darkness with head lamps turned on.

They then had 15 hours to get down to base camp followed by a six-hour walk to the bottom of the mountain.

There were personal reasons why the group took on the challenge and raise charity funds.

Andrew works for Tesco and the supermarket giant’s chosen charity for the year is Diabetes UK.

The duo from Aberdeen raised the money as Susan, the wife and mother to both of them, is suffering from Alzheimer’s and the money raised from the climb will help people with the illness.