Clean sweep for Grange estate as campaign gets underway

Volunteers on the Grange on Monday.
Volunteers on the Grange on Monday.

Spring heralds many things for Daventry; brighter days, better weather and thanks to the hard work of local volunteers, cleaner streets.

More than 30 residents from the Grange estate turned out from 10am on Saturday to tackle rubbish across the estate as part of a nationwide crackdown on litter blighting our towns and villages.

The group has now collected almost 350 sacks of rubbish from the estate since they began regular litter picks two years ago. Much of what they have collected is historical litter, with some rubbish found to date back to the 70s.

A second event took place on the estate on Monday, with volunteers from Waitrose, Daventry and District Housing joined by PCSO Paul Harris, Cllr Wendy Randall and Jacquie Ward.

The group amassed a large haul of litter and other detritus abandoned by the roadside (pictured right).

This comes as the Gusher’s own ‘Tidy up Daventry’ campaign enters its second year and Daventry’s District Council’s ‘Don’t Be a Tosser’ initiative aims to raise eyebrows and hopefully dissuade motorists across the district from treating laybys and hedgerows as a rubbish dump.

At the end of the campaign key sites will be surveyed by environment officer Paul Knight to see if there has been a reduction in the overall amount of waste being dumped, much of it originating from fast food outlets.

Jacquie Ward, who organised Saturday’s Grange cleanup, said: “We found chairs, a rake, broken trees and everything you can think of. You can be amazed by the what you can find.

“The group has grown really fast, much faster than I anticipated. I can’t get over how enthusiastic everyone is. One child who took part told me it was like doing a treasure hunt.”

“The estate was horrendous before we started. You would see overflowing bins, untrimmed hedges and everything looked uncared for.

“I feel we were neglected for one reason or another. I think now people are seeing things finally get done they can appreciate how nice it is looking.”

In the meantime, residents are continuing to tackle a large amount of fly tipping in various parts of the estate.

Volunteers from Weedon also took part in a community clean up on Saturday with 19 residents and seven members of a local Brownie group improving the look of the village centre.