Claudia Schiffer's dog injures three sheep on Northamptonshire farm

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Claudia Schiffer's German Shepherd attacked three sheep on a Northamptonshire farm - one of which, a pregnant ewe, was reportedly put down as a result.

On Wednesday last week, the dog - Oscar - ran amok on the farm in Culworth in South Northamptonshire and the police were called.

Officers found the dog covered in blood and told the farmer it would be illegal to shoot it because he had got it under control, The Sun reports.

The 48-year-old supermodel and her film director husband Matthew Vaughn, 47, agreed to a voluntary control order issued by Northamptonshire Police and must secure their home to stop their dogs escaping.

"Northamptonshire Police were called at about 11.30am on Wednesday, November 14, to reports of a dog worrying sheep in a field between Culworth and Eydon in South Northamptonshire," said a police spokesman.

"The dog was caught by the farmer after causing injury to three sheep.

"It was agreed by all parties that a voluntary control order was the most appropriate resolution to the incident."

The farmer is understood to be taking legal advice, with villagers claiming he faces £3,000 vets' fees as a result of the treatment being given to his injured sheep.

"The farmer is not happy," a local told The Sun.

"He’s concerned other ewes have lost babies, worth £80 each."

It is believed Schiffer and her partner have recently moved to Northamptonshire.

Another resident told The Sun: “The dog was retrieved by a member of the couple’s staff.

"Claudia was deeply concerned her dog would have to be put down.

“She and Matthew are mortified about being thought of as irresponsible dog owners.”

The supermodel has previously been warned about her pets in 2006 and in 2010.