Churches Together bring Easter story to life for Daventry children

Children from Daventry schools saw the Easter story brought to life last week.

Members of Churches Together in Daventry put on their fourth Interactive Easter, taking students on a journey of discovery by experiencing events and meeting individuals involved in the days before and after the crucifixion.

It involved 220 children from Year 2 and took place at Daventry Methodist Church.

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Keith Hide, co-ordinator of the Easter Interactive, said it was an uplifting experience for the children.

He said: “After being there at his entry into Jerusalem, the children make a number of visits in small groups.

“They meet Mary of Bethany, for whom Jesus was a very special friend. They learn how she washed Jesus’s feet with her most expensive possession – her perfumed ointment – to express her love and devotion. The children experience Jesus taking over the role of the servant. He insists that he will wash Peter’s feet to show that everyone is equal, no one being better or lower in God’s sight.

“The children then climb to an upstairs room to be the special guests of Jesus at a special meal.”

He said the children received mementos including a perfumed bag, a bar of soap, a bread roll, a teardrop and a stone before collecting a black cross, which can be changed to colours on Easter day.

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