Church spends some pennies to help beat African poverty

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A CHURCH in Daventry has gone potty for poverty.

The Methodist Church, in Golding Close, has twinned 14 of its toilets with latrines in the African country of Burundi.

Toilet twinning involves raising £60 which pays for improving water and sanitation in the central African country.

After spotting a toilet twinning certificate in the facilities at a cafe, church steward Judy Brierley was inspired to get her church supporting the initiative.

She said: “Toilet twinning really caught everyone’s imagination and the thought of having to live without such a basic amenity motivated the congregation to give generously.

“We hoped to raise enough money to twin each of the five toilets in the church, but the money kept coming in.”

It was all cisterns go as the congregation donated £840, enough to twin 14 toilets.

In return the church got certificates, photos and GPS coordinates for the toilets’ African counterparts. Go to www.toilet twinning for more.