Christmas message from Daventry Holy Cross church – ‘Act with love, and care for each other and the Earth’

Canon Michael Webber
Canon Michael Webber

Small personal actions of love can build to make the world a better place is the message from the leader of the Anglican Church in Daventry.

The Revd Canon Michael Webber from Holy Cross Church in Daventry said in his Christmas message to Daventry Express readers that acting with love, not hatred, and caring for each other and the environment is an important Christian lesson, and one that can improve our community and our world.

He said the recent Paris terror attacks were an example of what can happen when people act out of hatred.

Canon Webber writes: “Most of us have mixed thoughts about turning on the TV news these days.

“For me two recent events stand out, the killings in Paris and the decisions also in Paris to help save our planet in the climate talks.

“One shows what hatred can do, the other what care and concern can achieve.

“What you and I think and do really matters.

“The Christmas story tells us there is a God and He cares enough about us to have come in the form of Jesus to show us the way to live.

“Christmas is of course about mince pies, presents and seeing family and friends. But all that started because Jesus came on earth to teach us about love, not hatred and to care for each other and our planet Earth.

“Let us worship him and follow him.

“Everybody is welcome to our Christmas services and throughout the year.

“What we think and do really matters. Every little helps...

“I wish all the readers of the Gusher a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.”