Children learn life-saving skills

Children learn vital skills.
Children learn vital skills.

Life-saving lessons have been delivered to over 2,000 children in Northamptonshire schools thanks to the fundraising efforts of a local group.

Donations totalling £14,000 made by Northamptonshire County Priory Group have allowed St John Ambulance to teach first aid sessions in over 20 schools over the last three years.

Pupils at Stanwick Primary School were some of the latest to receive the free first aid training.

Around 60 pupils from Years 3 and 4 learned how to check if someone is breathing, how to put them into the recovery position, and how to help a person who is bleeding or choking.

Penelope Escombe, from Northamptonshire County Priory Group, said: “It’s a great feeling to know we’ve been able to bring first aid skills to so many in our county. First aid is such an important skill as you never know when someone may need help. Just a few basics can potentially help save a life one day. Even a five-year-old can learn the recovery position and how to contact emergency services.”

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