Children get a lesson about wartime life

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PUPILS at a village primary school took a trip back in time to find out what life was like during the Second World War.

Last Wednesday classes three and four at Badby Primary School received a visit from Delia Thomas, who works at Kettering Museum and Art Gallery.

Rachel Lacey, teaching assistant in class three, said: “The topic at the moment for key stage two is World War II, which is why we arranged the session.

“Delia brought in a gas mask for babies, food ration cards and ID cards.

“She was able to relate some stories that her father had told her about the war and the children seemed very interested.

“She was also comparing war time to the present day with things such as how the food we get is different now and how clothing has changed. We discussed the different sorts of air raid shelters people had

“It was very interesting and the pupils got a lot from it.”