Children at caring Daventry kindergarten have head in clouds after museum trip

Staff enjoy the trip.
Staff enjoy the trip.

Staff and children at a Daventry kindergarten have their head in the clouds after a trip to Daventry Museum.

The Ladybirds and Rainbows children from Caring Kindergartens visited the museum’s transport exhibition.

Tina Bush, nursery manager at the kindergarten, held at Arnex House, London Road, said: “It came at perfect timing as the children are currently interested in planes and trains.

“On the walk to the museum the children were spotting different vehicles and then identifying the colours of them.”

Children got to dress up as the town’s mayor.

“Even the staff got involved which was great fun,” added Tina.

“The children of Caring Kindergartens are enjoying exploring their local community and are currently making links with Evelyn Wright, the local residential home where we plan to visit once a month and have fun with our new friends.”