Child knocked down by a bus in Guilsborough

Air Ambulance attended the accident
Air Ambulance attended the accident

A child is on the road to recovery after being hit by a bus in Guilsborough.

The accident happened on Wednesday afternoon around 3.30pm. It was later revealed the boy had suffered a fractured skull. He is currently recovering at a hospital in Oxford.

While the child, who is in Year Six at Guilsborough Primary School, had left school and was heading towards the park, the school has been helping children left upset at the incident.

A spokesman for the school said: “There was a school teacher from Guilsborough Secondary School who was on the bus who administered first aid to the child.

“We are working with the police to see if there is anyway we can improve the safety around the school.

“The student is very popular and is friends have been left saddened by what happened. We are offering counselling to any of the students who have been left affected by the incident.

“Parents have obviously been very concerned by what has happened and we have been grateful for the offers of support that they have offered.”