Check ahead for tip queues says council

Daventry's recycling centre
Daventry's recycling centre

Ahead of the bank holiday weekend, people thinking of going to Daventry’s tip in Browns Road are being advised to check the queues.

The advice comes after a busy Easter period, coupled with reduced opening hours, caused long queues of vehicles which at times ran the whole length of Browns Road and out onto the roundabout.

The queues not only caused problems for those wanting to get to the recycling centre, but also had an impact on the businesses along Browns Road.

People using the recycling centre are urged to avoid the peak time of 10am where possible, and to check for any queues online using a webcam serice.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Daventry household waste recycling centre was very busy over the Easter holidays, potentially because of a combination of people having time off and the fine, sunny weather prompting people to spring clean their homes and gardens.

“This caused some queuing outside the site in Browns Road and although the queues are not as severe as they were, there is still some congestion at peak times.

“The county council will continue to monitor the situation but is also working with the site contractor to improve the flow of customers through the site.

“The recycling centre is open daily between Friday and Tuesday from 10am to 6pm and it seems the busiest time is around 10am each day, possibly as a result of people arriving early to beat the queues.

“People can view webcams on the county council’s website, which allow the sites to be monitored to assess how busy they are.”

John Bass, managing director of Dealers In Performance 4x4, based in Browns Road, said: “It’s not just bank holidays, it’s every day. They can start queuing in the morning 30 minutes before the tip opens. Queues stretching down the road are not unusual. And it only started when they cut the days back and reduced the opening hours.

“But it affects customers trying to get in and out the businesses here, some of us with trailers or recovery vehicles can’t get out if they’re queuing down the other side of the road. It gets even worse if there’s some sport on or children’s activities at the sports parks opposite.

“It’s all the council’s fault. They need to open for longer in the summer, and less in the winter, it’s pretty simple.”