Charles shows heart to finish charity trek

Pictured is Charles Reeve, who has just completed a run and cycle marathon.
Pictured is Charles Reeve, who has just completed a run and cycle marathon.

A GRANDFATHER who suffers with a heart condition defied doctors’ orders to run a marathon and cycle the length of the country for charity.

Charles Reeve, 62, cycled to John O’Groats before heading on to complete the London Marathon - despite collapsing after 17 miles.

He then cycled down to Land’s End before heading back home to Ravensthorpe.

During the three-week trek Mr Reeve covered 1,114 miles on his bike as well as completing the 26.2-mile run.

His aim is to raise funds for Brain Tumour UK.

Mr Reeve, who works at Watford Gap Services, said: “I have an irregular heart beat and suffer with low blood pressure. I’ve been told by doctors not to do a lot of exercise but I don’t listen, that’s just me.

“Me and my mates had discussed how many of our friends have passed away after suffering with brain tumours and thought one of us had to do something to help.

“I had an entry for the marathon but I know you have to do something extra to get people to sponsor you so I thought why not cycle up to John O’Groats first and then down to Land’s End afterwards?

“I did it on my own and everything was on the back of my bike – my sleeping bag, tent and all my clothes.

“My wife thought I was stupid, but I wanted to complete it for all the people I know who have suffered.”

So far Mr Reeve has raised £2,000 and he’s hoping the final total will top £4,000.

Speaking about his collapse during the London Marathon, he said: “I felt a niggle in my thigh and went to see a paramedic. It was then that I passed out and when I woke up they said I should go to hospital.

“My son, who was in the crowd, came over and said he would look after me and once the paramedics left I said ‘I’m carrying on’ and just kept going to the finish line.”

If you would like to sponsor Mr Reeve, visit