Chairman’s huge rise branded ‘disgraceful’

The allowance given to the chairman of Daventry District Council is set to double following a recent review.

Leader of DDC Cllr Chris Millar and DDC chief executive Ian Vincent agreed the current £2,000 allowance should be increased to £4,000 following a discussion at a full DDC council meeting in February.

The final decision on the sum will be made at the next full council meeting in May.

Cllr Chris Millar said: “The current £2,000 figure has been in place for the past 15 years and is long overdue an increase. This is us trying to address a long-standing issue and in future maybe we should have more frequent reviews.

“Ultimately we would not want to put any councillor off becoming chairman because of the costs involved in completing their civil duties.

“They are required to buy raffle tickets, participate in auctions and have the appropriate clothing.”

But it has come under fire from Cllr Wendy Randall who believes that such a big increase is morally wrong at a time of cuts.

She said: “I think it’s a disgrace. People have had pay freezes for a number of years because there is no money and I just don’t know how a 100 per cent rise is justifiable.”

The chairman has a civic function within the council attending events as a DDC representative and raising money for charity in their role.

They may also serve as a councillor which means they are entitled to claim a basic councillor’s allowance of approximately £4,300 as well as the chairman’s allowance which they can decline.