Celebrations take place in county to mark carers’ week

Celebrations are taking place for carers. Picture: Carers Trust.
Celebrations are taking place for carers. Picture: Carers Trust.

People, services and businesses are joining together to support carers across Daventry this week.

Carers’ Week 2018 runs until June 17 with celebrations taking place all over the county.

A number of events are happening across Northamptonshire, in hospitals, GP surgeries, schools and across the community.

The aim is to connect carers and raise awareness of support that may be available to them and celebrate all they do.

Mark Major, CEO of Northamptonshire Carers, said: “We are delighted to be offering a wide range of events for Carers’ Week in the county, they help to raise awareness of carers and carers’ needs and to highlight the immense contribution of the county’s carers and young carers and all that they do on a daily basis.

“All families are touched by illness or disability at some point and it’s then that caring roles are so vital, in many ways carers are an invisible army but one that keeps families together, people living in their own homes and loved ones receiving the care and support they need.

“Carers are a testament to the fact that sometimes the very worst of situations can bring out the very best in people.”

Heléna Herklots CBE, on behalf of Carers Week, said: “It’s fantastic to see so many events taking place across the country to support local carers.

“Carers’ Week is an opportunity for organisations to join our calls to keep carers healthy and connected. We know that carers often put their own needs to the ‘back of the queue’, often delaying doctor’s appointments or breaks from caring which could help them stay well.”

To find out more about events visit www.northamptonshirecarers.org/Pages/Events/Category/carers-week-2018