Celebration as officers mark anniversary

A CELEBRATION has been held to mark the first anniversary of two sponsored police community support officers (PCSOs).

Lorraine Humfress and Les Conopo, who cover the villages of Crick and Kilsby as well as the DIRFT estate, were guests of honour at an event at the Ibis Hotel on the estate last Wednesday.

PCSO Conopo said: “There has been a problem with boy racers but the extra patrols we have put in have helped stamp this out.

“I have also enjoyed working with the children and advising them on staying safe on the roads with all the trucks around.

“The number of crimes and incidents of antisocial behaviour has gone down which is also really pleasing.”

The officer in charge of the PCSOs has said the scheme could have a wider impact.

Sgt Paul Valentine from Daventry Rural Safer Community Team said: “It is the first time we have worked with a business and are pleased with how it’s gone.

“This has been such a success; we’ve received enquiries from people across the country looking to set up similar arrangements.”