Celebrating being 105 years young

A WOMAN who lives in Weedon will mark her 105th birthday today (Friday).

Cynthia Thwaite who lives at the Riverside Court supported housing centre in Weedon was born in Liverpool in 1907.

She said: “I don’t believe I’m going to be 105 years old.

“I don’t feel that old. I sit in my flat and think I could give it a good spring clean, but if I got up and started pushing the hoover around I’d soon know about it.

“One of my son-in-laws is now a pensioner! It’s unbelievable I’m still here.

“When you get to my age you suddenly find yourself back at the age of two though as everyone’s always trying to teach you things again!”

She marked her birthday at the lunch club held at Riverside Court on Wednesday, with a special fruit cake made by her friend and fellow resident Nancy Wilshire, who at 95 is the centre’s second oldest resident.

Mrs Thwaite’s daughter Pam Thomas said: “I moved to Weedon 40 years ago, and mum moved here 16 years ago.”

Mrs Thwaite said: “I was born and raised in Liverpool and I married my husband in 1931. He died when he was 73 though.

“It broke my heart to leave my house where I’d lived for 60 years, but I don’t have any regrets – not that I could manage going down the stairs anyway!

“Living here is fantastic. I don’t have any worries at all.

“When you live alone you have to think about things like the state of the roof, and we where never well-off.”

Mrs Thwaites now enjoys her two daughters, Mrs Thomas and Jenny Stockley, four grandchildren and six great grandchildren.