CCTV spots 64 crimes in Daventry town centre

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CCTV in Daventry town centre helped police and town centre wardens deal with 85 incidents in just six weeks – more than two per day.

The figures were presented to Daventry Town Council on Monday evening by Sgt Sam Dobbs from Daventry Police.

The figures show the cameras helped with the incidents between August 22 and October 1. Of those 76 per cent per cent were related to criminal and antisocial behaviour. Other incidents involved public safety and welfare, and community support.

Deborah Jewell, town clerk, said: “The figures are very positive and show we have a proactive system in place between the town council, police and Davenry Business Partnership.”

The town council took over running the CCTV network earlier this year after Daventry District Council pulled its funding.

The cameras monitored from a control room on one of the town’s industrial estates.

For more on this plus planned to expand CCTV monitoring over the festive period, see the Daventry Express.