Cash will transform town youth centre

Team members and young visitors at Daventry's Phoenix Centre.
Team members and young visitors at Daventry's Phoenix Centre.

Daventry’s Phoenix Centre has revealed it is in advanced discussions for major funding which could see the venue transformed.

The Ashby Road-based youth centre is set to under go a massive extension and enhancement of the existing facilities.

This would see the gym extended and more room for trampolinists and sports generally at the centre.

The centre’s improvement fund project with Sports England has reached an advanced stage and talks will continue. There are also discussions between the centre and Landford Estates, the developer of a proposed 450 new homes in the town, for further funding towards the work.

President of the centre, Elaine Bedford, said: “Whilst there are a number of processes to be completed with both organisations and binding agreements have not been concluded, all parties are confident that a successful outcome will be achieved.”

She believes the extension would make a massive difference to both the centre and the town.

Mrs Bedford added: “There were two reasons we wanted to extend the centre, the first being that the town will be expanding in the future and we want this centre to be a place where many young people can come. The second is that there is a growing problem with obesity in this country and we would like to enhance the sporting facilities that we have available there.

“Should all of this get the go-ahead, then this would make a massive difference to the young people at the centre and for the town itself.

The monies would be in addition to £125,000 given by Daventry District Council for the extension and enhancement of the centre which has enabled work to start. This funding has become a catalyst for the other funding discussions.

If the discussions are successful, the refurbishment work on the centre is not likely to start until the end of next year.