Cash-strapped council to open office in Brussels

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE County Council is to set up an office in the heart of Europe.

At its budget meeting on Thursday, February 24, the county council agreed £73 million of savings, including firing lollypop ladies, turning off street lights, and scrapping bus subsidies.

However, the Conservative administration also plans to spend £2 million on setting up a new quango to champion the county as a place to work and set up business.

The Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership will employ two full-time members of staff in Brussels, at the heart of the EU.

Council leader Jim Harker said: “Hopefully they’ll spot some good opportunities for the county and be a resource for Northamptonshire businesses if they need an introduction into Brussels.

“We haven’t got any actual plans on premises yet, but we’re hoping we can share an office with the Local Government Association out there, so it will be fairly low-key. But it will be a good resource for Northamptonshire.”

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