Careers day for primary school pupils

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It was a busy day on Tuesday for pupils at Weedon Bec Primary as they discovered more about different jobs.

Pupils in years five and six got to find out about a whole range of jobs at a careers day.

The school invited in various people, including staff at Waitrose, a graphic designer who has done work for children’s TV channel Nickelodeon, nurses, psychologists, sports coaches and players, and more.

Headteacher Antony Witheyman said: “We invited in a range of different people who do different jobs. The idea is for the children to find their dream job for a competition being run by the Royal Mail.

“The children get to meet all these different people, ask them questions, and find out more about the jobs, and they also will then write a letter about them.

“It helps inspire the children and see what type of things they need to do to get into certain careers, but it helps in other areas of their education too, like writing.”

Alex Paschen was there talking about her job in marketing. She said: “The children have been very enthusiastic. They’ve been asking things like how long we’ve been doing our job, what qualification we had to get, if we enjoy it and why, what we would do if we didn’t do this, and the most popular question has been how much we get paid – which is important I guess!”

Sam St Julien said: “I enjoyed speaking to the hockey player about what he did, when did they start playing, if they’re in a proper league. I also enjoyed asking the surgeon about surgery with guts and that.

“The child psychologist was interesting too because they talked about how people change.

“I’d like to be a rugby player for Saints and England, or become a fireman because I like helping people.”

Olivia Whyatt Sames said: “I asked the marketing person about how you get people to use your service rather than other people who are doing the same thing as you, and making people want to come to you.

“There were lots of people that were very interesting as well.

“I want to be a human rights lawyer, or if I don’t get the degrees I need, a feminist.”

Destannie Freeth added: “The graphic designer was interesting and she told us about how she does her job with a pen attached to a computer and how she’s designed pyjamas and wrapping paper. But I enjoyed speaking to the physiotherapy person too.

“I think I’d like to open my own hair and beauty salon, or design things.”

Boezhena Coyne said: “The surgery was interesting. We got to try on some of the clothes they wear.

“There was an app about doing heart surgery – I managed to do some but it was quite complicated to do!

“I asked about whether they had done anything complicated as she said she’d cut someone’s leg off. The saddest thing she’d done was when a mother donated a kidney to her son.

“I want to be a physiotherapist, or do something hard like become a surgeon.”