Cardiac campaign will ‘bombard’ NHS

Viv Crouch
Viv Crouch

Campaigners calling for the reinstatement of the cardiac rehab service in Daventry are to ‘bombard’ the NHS with letters of protest.

The plan of action was outlined at the third public meeting of the group, held at the Holiday Inn at Flore on Wednesday night last week.

The group agreed to seek information on the service, establish links with local health groups, establish a contact point with the NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group – responsible for choosing where provides services, and bombard the chairman of Nene CCG with letters.

The group also discussed potentially picketing meetings of the Nene CCG if their requests for information and concerns go unanswered.

The cardiac rehab service at Danetre Hospital was set up by Viv Crouch, but after her retirement the NHS closed the unit. This has left local people in need of the service having to travel to Northampton or Kettering.

Mrs Crouch said: “The population of Daventry and district is about 80,000 and growing. The lack of a community-based cardiac rehabilitation service could affect you or your family. The campaign needs your help. All we ask is a small amount of your time and a stamp.

“Join us in bombarding the chairman of Nene CCG Dr Darin Seiger, with a protest letter expressing your concerns about the time and costs in travelling and parking at Kettering and Northampton. Also about the fact that a local trained cardiac rehabilitation professional is not easily accessible for advice on dietand medication; the lack of local patient and family support; the lack of a local supervised exercise programme; and having to travel out of the area means you are less likely to meet and socialise with other sufferers and less likely to join the local heart support group.”