Car set alight in Daventry

A family car was set alight while parked on a Daventry estate road last night.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016, 11:04 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:37 pm
The car alight in the street

Tracy Turner had just gone to bed at her home in Tennyson Road on the Headlands, when she heard a noise outside.

She said: “It was just after midnight. You heard noises all the time like that so I didn’t pay it much attention.

“Then I heard a popping noise, so I went to look out the window and I could see flames in my car.

The damage to the vehicle

“I tried to put some decent clothes on, ran down stairs and grabbed the phone.

“By the time I was outside I realised the car was on fire and I called 999.

“My husband’s work van was parked next to my car so I was shouting at him to move that, and my children were up wondering what was going on as well.”

Tracy’s car, a grey Golf, was destroyed by the fire.

The damage to the vehicle

She said: “Daventry fire service were quick to turn up and put out the fire.

“They said one window had been broken inwards, and the others had popped out later due to the fire so they said it looks deliberate.

“I work at Daventry Time Bank as a volunteer. Without my car I can’t go to meetings or visits.

“I thought Hallowe’en was supposed to be about being scary and spooky, not setting fire to people’s cars.