Candidates revealed for county elections

A LIST of candidates has been revealed for the upcoming seats for Northamptonshire County Council.

There will be six seats in the Daventry area up for grabs.

In Daventry West Adam Collyer (UKIP), Chris Long (Con), Luisa Pereira (Lib Dem) and Wendy Randall (Lab), are competing for votes.

For Daventry East, Alan Gordon (TUSAC), Alan Hills (Con), Eric Macanndrais (UKIP) and Ken Ritchie (Lab) are all standing for the seat.

The Braunston and Crick seat will be contested by Abigail Campbell (Lan), Steve Slatter (Con), Pamela Varnsverry (Lib Dem) and Derek Whitaker (UKIP).

For Long Buckby, Neil Farmer (Lib Dem), Chris Lee (Lab), Steve Osborne (Con), Tom Price (TUSAC) and Beverley Rundle (UKIP) will look to be elected.

The Woodford and Weedon seat is between Robin Brown (Con), Debra Parry (UKIP), Bea Price (TUSAC), Ron Pursey (Lab) and Chris Salaman (Lib Dem).

Catherine Boardman (Con), Pam Booker (UKIP), Robert McNally (Lab), Liz Pym (Lib Dem) and Steve Whiffen (Green) will contest the Brixworth seat.

There will also be elections for the Brixworth and Welford seats on Daventry District Council and an election for seats on Woodford-cumMembris Parish Council.

The elections wil take place on Thursday May 2.