Candidates for Northamptonshire Police commissioner named

FOUR candidates have so far put their name forward for the job of Northamptonshire police commissioner.

Elections for the police commissioner role, who could earn up to £100,000 a year, are due to take place in November.

Ministers hope the change will improve accountability and make the 43 forces across England and Wales more responsive to the public.

The elected candidates will be in charge of the police budget and set the priorities for their force.

Lee Barron has been named as Labour’s candidate for the Northamptonshire role.

He joins Adam Simmonds, who is the Conservative candidate, and independent candidates John Norrie and Matt Stockdale.

Prime Minister David Cameron has backed the role and said previously: “This is a big job for a big local figure.

“It’s a voice for the people of Northamptonshire, someone to lead the fight against crime and someone you’ll be able to hold to account if they don’t deliver.

“This isn’t just for politicians, but community leaders and pioneers of all sorts.”

The move to introduce police commissioners has been criticised by some as being a waste of Government money.