Campaign to tackle litter in Daventry launched

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AN environmental crime campaign targeting littering and dog fouling is being held in Daventry town centre during November.

Daventry District Council (DDC ) is launching the campaign after feedback from residents in the district who say that litter and dog fouling is one of their biggest concerns.

Officers from DDC, Northamptonshire Police and the Council’s environmental services contractor Enterprise will be patrolling the town centre intermittently throughout November to help educate and raise awareness of the issues to members of the public, and also enforce the law when necessary.

Anyone who is identified being caught littering or allowing their dogs to foul illegally will then have to pay a fixed penalty notice or face the possibility of being taken to court.

The campaign will eventually be taken to other villages within the Daventry District including planned patrols in known hotspot areas.

Ian Vincent, Chief Executive at Daventry District Council, said: “This multi-agency campaign in Daventry will see us proactively working to promote and educate the public with regard to dog fouling and littering in the district.

“The campaign will hopefully raise awareness and encourage people to take a shared responsibility and positive action on these issues, and help communities to keep their area clean.”

Any money raised from enforcement fines are ring-fenced and go back towards the cost of enforcement at the Council.

Anyone can report incidents of littering or dog fouling by contacting Daventry District Council on 01327 871100 or email