Cameras and variable speed limits for M1

Variable speed limits enforced by cameras could be introduced on the M1 near Daventry.

The changes to the motorway, which runs through the Daventry district, are part of plans to upgrade the M1 and have been put forward by the Highways Agency.

A consultation was launched on Monday asking people for their views on the plans.

As part of improvements planned for the M1 between junctions 19 and 16, variable mandatory speed limits will be used to manage traffic speeds and help reduce congestion, while enabling safe operation of the motorway.

Introducing the variable mandatory speed limits on the motorway requires new regulations. Enforcement will be carried out by police and speed cameras will be fitted to gantries above the motorway.

These new draft regulations have been published for comment, and consultation packs have been sent to key stakeholders, such as local authorities, transport associations and emergency services.

The consultation document is also available online by visiting, should any other interested parties or individuals want to comment.

People have until Friday, January 30 to respond to the consultation.

The Highways Agency has said the construction of the motorway scheme is likely to start post 2015.

Anyone wanting to know more about the improvements should visit the project’s website or call the Highways Agency’s information line on 0300 123 5000.