Camera systems get cash boost

Daventry Town Council has announced it is to receive £14,000 of funding from Daventry Business Partnership to improve its CCTV network.

The announcement was made at a full meeting of Daventry Town Council (DTC) on Monday, August 18.

Daventry Business Partnership, which levied a charge on top of businesses rates to organise events and provide a range of services to support local businesses, approved the payment at its AGM on July 23 on condition the money is used for security enhancements.

The partnership was dissolved in March 2013, but has continued running to settle its affairs.

Part of the windfall will go towards the £5,000 cost of replacing a digital video recorder which failed in April.

The council hopes to use the remainder to replace five of the older Mirasys cameras which adorn some street lamps with newer models, costing in the region of £1,500 each, after consulting Northamptonshire Police on the most critical areas.

Deborah Jewell, town clerk at DTC, said: “There are certain cameras in need of upgrading because the technology is old.

“The new cameras will have a much improved zoom and pan.” The actual model of camera will be selected by Crimesecure Ltd, the contract holder responsible for maintaining Daventry’s 35 camera network.

Ms Jewell said any future expansion to the network would likely be partially funded through agreements with developers, like the 50 new cameras planned for the new shopping centre on Mulberry Place.

DTC has also voted to extend its existing three-year contract with Crimesecure by five years from May 2015 at £46,200 per year.

This covers maintenance and monitoring of the cameras for 70 hours a week at a hub on Heartlands Industrial Estate.

Sam Dobbs, district sergeant at Northamptonshire police, said: “CCTV continues to be a key part of preventing and detecting crime, improving our town centre for those who live, work or visit there.”