Calls to make Daventry district’s roads safer

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THE roads in the Daventry district have been revealed to be the third most dangerous in the country and calls have been made to make it safer.

Among those is Steve Eaton, from Crick. He lost his son, Jason, 17, in October 2010 when he was the passenger in a Toyota Corolla which hit fencing and a hedge on the road between Watford and West Haddon.

It comes after the Association of British Insurers (ABI) survey found the Daventry constituency was the third highest number of people killed or seriously injured in an accident involving a young driver since 2005.

There were 217 accidents in the Daventry area and Mr Eaton, a former police officer, said more could be done to bring these statistics down.

He said: “I am not surprised by the news, there are quite a lot of rural roads and the quality of them is not good.

“There is also poor lighting and these things contribute to the high rate of accidents among young people.

“But a lot of young drivers need a car to be able to get places like college or work as the transport links are poor.”

Among the ideas suggested by the ABI is a one-year minimum learning period, limiting the number of passengers allowed in a car with a new young driver, a curfew on night-time driving and a zero tolerance on alcohol.

Mr Eaton said: “They are some very good ideas in there and these can reduce the number of accidents.

“I would also like to see changes made to the driving test.

“For this area, if you do your test, you will go through Northampton town centre. The majority of accidents will happen in the rural roads.

“You get no experience of rural driving on the test and this is something that I think should be changed to make young drivers more aware.”