Call to support faster internet

RESIDENTS are being asked to help secure better broadband for their village.

Kilsby Parish Council has been looking into getting faster internet speeds for the village for the past year and now its plans have been included in the Parish Plan Refresh.

The proposal will be available to see as part of the Parish Plan Refresh open meeting on Saturday, January 15, which will look at what has been achieved under the scheme and ideas for the future development of the village.

If there is enough interest in the broadband plans then the council will pay £500 to Rutland Telecom (RT) to commission a survey to see if it can deliver a faster broadband service.

The average speed of broadband in the village is less than 1MB per second but RT believes it can achieve a speed of between 8MB and 10MB per second.

Rob Chamberlain, chairman of Kilsby Parish Council, said: “There has been a lot of grumbling from people in the village who say that the speed of broadband is not fast enough and we want to improve it.

“We approached RT because they have had a lot of experience in getting top quality broadband into rural locations.

“We wanted to see if there was the demand from people living in Kilsby to get better broadband and that is why we have decided to include it in part of the Parish Plan Refresh document.

“I hope people come along anyway to see the plans because there are a lot of things we want the public’s feedback on, but broadband is a big issue and I will be interested to see what they say about it.”

If villagers agree with the plans, a survey would take about a month to complete.

If the council backs the survey, work to install faster broadband in the village could be completed within three months.

Cllr Chamberlain added: “RT has told us we would need 150 people in the village to back the plan to make it viable.

“There are currently 600 households so we need people to come forward.

“I am absolutely certain that we will be able to get faster broadband.”

The open meeting will take place at Kilsby Village Hall between 10am and 3pm.