Call for crossing on danger road

A CALL has been made to put a pedestrian crossing across one of Daventry’s busiest roads.

The crossing on Drayton Way, part of the town’s bypass, would be between the Northern Way/Sedgemoor Way roundabout and the Ashby Road junction.

Steve Waddingham, from Middlemore, has raised the issue with Cllr Chris Long.

The two of them, plus officers from Northamptonshire County Council’s highways department, walked the route on Friday.

Mr Waddingham said: “A lot of families moved onto Middlemore with young families and now those children are getting to the age where they want to walk to school on their own, like my step-son Max who’s 11.

“That means they have to cross Drayton Way. And it’s not just younger people that have to cross that road, there’s adults going to work on the industrial estates, walking to school, out with the dog, etc.

“It’s a bad junction for an 11-year-old to cross, and not much better for an adult either.

“It’s not just cars either – you get HGVs steaming down there too.

“I don’t pretend to know what the solution is. You have a 40mph roundabout at one end, and the junction with Ashby Road at the other which limits what can be done.”

Cllr Chris Long covers the area for Northamptonshire County Council. He said: “There’s been a campaign to get a primary school on Middlemore which has seen some success and hopefully that will happen.

“But that still means there will be secondary school aged children walking from Middlemore, Lang Farm and Drayton Park and trying to cross that road at busy times to get to Ashby Road and down to the Parker E-ACT Academy.

“That stretch of road is busy a lot of the time, and at rush hour it is particularly so.

“It is also a wide road, so it takes longer to cross, and you have traffic coming off the roundabout which can’t always see if anyone’s trying to cross the road.

“All too often we hear that serious accidents need to happen before anything gets done to improve road safety. I’m not about that – I want to see issues sorted out before such things happen.”

The area will now be looked at by the highways department and its contractors to see what improvements can be made.