Call for action on town road

A collision which saw a young girl knocked over on a Daventry road has re-ignited calls for action to make it safer for drivers and pedestrians.

On Monday, at 3.30pm, a car collided with a five-year-old girl in Ashby Road.

Police say the incident took place on one of the zebra crossings outside the school site. The girl received minor cuts and the driver stopped at the scene. Police say their investigation into the incident is on-going.

Cllr Chris Long has previously called for action over traffic on Ashby Road.

He said: “Clearly we do not know what the conditions were leading up to this collision, but Ashby Road has been a serious concern for a long time.

“The road suffers from two issues. It is a straight-ish road into the town centre which tempts people to speed.”

There is no indication at this stage that speed was involved in this accident.

“Second is the amount of traffic – vehicles and pedestrians – using it particularly at the start and end of the school day. You get people parking along the roads there, and on the verges waiting for their children. That narrows the road and restricts vision.

“This has been a problem for some time and had Northamptonshire County Council and Daventry District Council gotten off their backsides and taken action when it was first raised, it is possible this incident would never have taken place.

“I’m now asking for an urgent site visit with county highways officers to look at the parking and traffic along this road.”