Wardens stay secured for three months

The future of the wardens has been secured albeit on a short-term basis.

Following the folding of Daventry Business Partnership after the non-renewal of the (DBP) Business Improvement District last month, the police approached Daventry Town Council with a view to funding the wardens.

It was discussed at its meeting on Monday where a plan was drawn up to employ the wardens for three months rather than the year recommended in a report presented to the council. It was left to chairman Cllr Ron Fox to have the casting vote.

Colin Poole, who is against the plan, said: “This warden scheme was not voted for or wanted by the businesses. And now the town council is asking the residents of this town to pay for something. I am disgusted.”

The wardens will be deployed throughout the town and the estates and be supported by the police. At the same meeting, Daventry Town Coucil also agreed to manage the pub watch and radio retail scheme. This has also come about since the cloure of DBP. It will cost £250 a year but be recouped by the council.