Town’s young people struggling to find jobs

MORE than one in six youngsters in Daventry cannot find a job, it has been revealed.

The Prince’s Trust, which is setting up a programme in the town to help 16 to 25-year-olds gain employment skills, released the figure to the Gusher.

And those working with youngsters in the town agree it is becoming more difficult for youngsters to find employment.

Andy Nixon is manager at Time2Talk in Daventry, a counselling service which helps people aged under 25.

The service supports those struggling with things such as drug addiction and mental illness.

Mr Nixon said: “We do have people coming in and saying that struggling to get a job is contributing to their issues.

“There seems to be a lack of resources for young people in the town when it comes to career support and that’s what we are hearing from youngsters.

“It seems to be a lot harder right now for people of all ages to find jobs and get direct support.

“Even in our area, which I think is fairly affluent, we are seeing more and more of this.”

Cllr Chris Over, portfolio holder for economy, regeneration and employment at Daventry District Council, said he’s “concerned” about young people’s future.

But he believes the town has plans in place to help keep employment levels high.

He said: “Employment for young people has not been helped by the recession. I think the job club we have has been good, and I’m told it has helped some young people.

“But I am concerned for the future. The youngsters are our seed corn and if unemployment levels for them are rising that’s very sad.

“But there are considerable plans for investment in Daventry with things such as the marina and canal scheme, and we believe we are doing all we can to attract investment.

“We all need to pull together to create as many jobs as possible in the town.”

Regional director for the Prince’s Trust John O’Reilly said: “More than one in six young people are struggling to find a job in Daventry.

“Many of the town’s young people who are out of work suffer from self loathing and depression. Sadly, the longer the period they are unemployed for, the more likely they are to experience this psychological scarring.”