Shedding light on town’s new shop

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A NEW independent lighting shop has opened its doors in Daventry.

And, while the shop itself is new, it is carrying on a local family’s involvement in the lighting trade.

Accent Lighting, based in Station Close, was opened in December by Richard Glover.

He said: “My family’s been involved in the manufacture of brass lighting for 40 or 50 years.

“In 1990 we moved the business here to Station close and opened up a small factory shop, and it just developed and grew into a proper shop over the next 20 years alongside the manufacturing side of things.

“But then the market shifted and the silver style lighting became fashionable. I thought it would only be a fad and that we, as brass specialists, would be able to ride it out. I decided to suffer today and wait for the market to change again.

“But that was the mistake I made. By the time I realised fashion wasn’t going to change back soon, I was being hit by big bills and starting to struggle financially.”

The trend remained with silver metals for lighting and Mr Glover’s business suffered for year after year, until he decided to sell it.

The shop and manufacturing side went on at its base in Vicar Lane, run by its new owners, until the last few months of 2010, when a combination of the recession and ban on advertising on the main road forced the firm to close.

Mr Glover said: “When I heard Lighting Direct was going to close I decided to look at trying to put something together.

“Accent is a higher end, retail only business – it removes a lot of problems because if some stock arrives and there’s a problem, we just send it back, whereas before, if we manufactured it ourselves, we’d have to absorb that cost. I own the unit for Accent as well, so there are less overheads there.”

As well as running the retail shop, Mr Glover also has a lighting consultation business which can help people designing domestic or commercial buildings or extensions, or just redecorating, create the lighting effect they want.

Mr Glover said: “I’m also moving the fireworks business here as well, but that’s more of a side trade that allows me to have a little fun staging professional displays throughout the year.”