Reservoir to be topped up

ANGLIAN Water has been granted a drought permit after the driest spring in 80 years.

The Environment Agency (EA) said the firm can extract and extra 17 million litres of water from the River Nene to replenish the half full Pitsford Reservoir, which supplies homes in Daventry

The EA said it would be ‘closely monitoring’ any environmental impact on the river.

People across the Daventry district have also been asked to use water sparingly in preparation for next summer.

Ciaran Nelson, from Anglian Water, said: “We saw an average 20 per cent less winter rainfall in our supply region. This was then followed by the driest spring in over 80 years and rainfall remained exceptionally low.

“Levels of water in the Nene improved slightly in the summer, but not enough to refill the reservoirs to an acceptable level.”

Anglian Water applied for the permit to secure supplies after fears of a prolonged winter dry spell.