Pump price cut will help to fuel town economy

THE cut in fuel duty was the ‘good news’ of the Budget, with a penny taken off the price of a litre.

In the Daventry area the biggest employers are logistics and distribution firms, operating from warehouses both in the town at DIRFT with thousands of people on their payrolls.

But there are also countless smaller businesses where the price of fuel is important.

Linda Ball runs a driving school from her home on Ashby Fields, Daventry, and finds herself filling up at least one of her cars on most days.

She said: “Basically, when fuel has gone up by a significant amount I’ve been forced to put my lesson prices up to cover that extra cost.

“One or two pence a litre doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re buying as much as I am it really adds up.

“I was really concerned about the proposed fuel price escalator increase of four or five pence, but this cut in duty is a step in the right direction.

“One thing I did notice was that the garages in town all seemed to take that penny off on Wednesday evening.

“But what I’m finding more and more is people not wanting to learn because they can’t afford to run a car if they pass.”

The fuel duty changes are also likely to help families, by not allowing prices to escalate as fast as recently.

Daventy’s MP Chris Heaton-Harris was in the Commons to hear the Budget speech. He said: “At a time when money is tight for families up and down the country, people need to know that the Government is on their side.

“That is why I am so pleased that the Chancellor not only replaced the fuel duty escalator with a fair fuel stabiliser but also announced a one penny per litre cut in fuel duty – all paid for by a tax on oil companies.

“At a time when oil prices round the world are spiking, the Government is trying to ease the burden.

“Alongside the freeze in council tax, and the delay in the rise of Air Passenger Duty, the Government is doing what it can when money is tight.”