Pro launches
expanded golf shop at club

Richard Mudge
Richard Mudge

A professional with 40 years of experience has opened a new shop at Daventry Golf Club.

Richard Mudge, who lives in Ashby Fields, ran his Golf Zone business on Station Close, Daventry, for three years after leaving Staverton Park Golf Club, where he managed their commercial operations for 22 years.

Mr Mudge joins Daventry golf club as a resident professional, offering indoor and outdoor lessons and the latest equipment.

“This is the first time the club have had anything like this,” Mr Mudge said. “I am probably one of the most senior qualified professionals in the Midlands.

“And it’s a win-win situation. Daventry Golf Club is a little gem. Its a fantastic location. It’s a friendly members club, one of the only ones in the area. To me its going to be a very happy environment.”

Mr Mudge said he aimed to attract new people to the club, which currently has around 160 members, as well as working to get more young people into the sport. He said: “My goal is to get to 250 members, I feel that’s very achievable of the next three years.”

While he is optimistic about increasing footfall, Mr Mudge said golf retail was a challenging field to succeed in: “You have the challenges of the Internet. Price is very important to people but it isn’t about price, if you can offer a first class customer service people will buy from you.”