New business forum launch for Daventry

A new website and social media presence mark the official launch of the Daventry Business Forum this week.

A handful of people have been working to create a platform for communication and promotion of their businesses in the town, lead by managing director of Market New Media Ben Lloyd.

He said: “For me personally this is a new project that holds a lot of challenges but I’m willing to give it a shot, I hope others will be too.”

He added: “The biggest challenge will be to get enough of the town centre business owners involved in the forum to ensure it acts for the best interests of the entire town and helps promote Daventry as a pro-active town centre that people can shop in and enjoy spending time around.”

Business owners are being encouraged to attend upcoming meetings where the forum can establish their main common goals and objectives.

Mr Lloyd is also asking anyone interested in joining the forum to go to the new website and register their interest and interact with the forum on Twitter and Facebook.

Daventry Town Council and leader of DDC Cllr Chris Millar have already pledged their support and offered advice and guidance to businesses. Mr Lloyd said: “I am a little apprehensive following some comments from town centre business owners about the concept but I am willing to give it a go for the benefit of those that are willing to input and promoting their business along with the town centre.”

To register your interest in the forum, visit