New buildings to be charged community levy

DEVELOPERS putting up new buildings in the Daventry area look likely to face a new community levy.

Daventry District Council will tonight (Thursday) discuss introducing a ‘community infrastructure levy’ on all new buildings.

The level of the charge is yet to be set, but the council is looking at areas which charge up to £12,000 per home.

Council leader Chris Millar said: “Bringing in this charge will mean developers know up front what they will be expected to pay, and it will allow communities to know from the start what benefit development will bring to them.

“The money could be spent on all sorts of things. It could be a village wanting a community hall, or to provide a new school on a town estate.

“Obviously in Daventry we have regeneration plans and some of the money generated by the extra homes we expect to be built in the town could be spent on that.”

Other areas highlighted in the committee report would be to fund improvements to the A45 between Daventry and the M1.

The levy can be varied over the district, to encourage building in certain areas, and can be reduced or increased to deal with changing markets.

The new levy would replace ‘section 106’ payments settled on by developers and the council when planning approval is given.

A spokesman for the Home Builders Federation said: “The one thing developers need at the moment is certainty.

“Setting a fixed charge would do that, but they have to be realistic about the level of the charge.”

The levy would be incurred by all new homes and any new build development of more than 100 square metres (1,076 sq ft). Conversion projects, or splitting existing buildings up would not attract the levy, although any associated new extensions would come under the charge.