Linda says goodbye to shuttle

IT IS sad goodbye for Linda Nash who has run a taxi company in Long Buckby for the past 17 years.

For Mrs Nash, she set up The Village Shuttle to primarily help the community.

She said: “I had to run this as a business because there are a lot of costs involved running the service. If I could have run it as a charity then I would have done because I am a caring person.”

She specialised in doing journeys for older people looking to get shopping.

Mrs Nash said: “There are a lot of elderly people who find it difficult to walk to the shops or get on the bus, so door to door is the only option.

“There was one lady who was so grateful for my help that she left me some money in her will. Fortunately, a lot of my customers have become my friends.

“A big thank you to all of my customers and I will look forward to seeing them all on a social basis.”

She has also had a number of famous faces in the back of her taxi.

Mrs Nash added: “I’ve had Jack Charlton, the footballer and chef Sophie Grigson because she used to live nearby.

“I also had Hattie Hayridge who was in Red Dwarf. I didn’t realise who it was and I was taking her to a convention in Daventry and I asked if she was one of these Star Trek fans which was a little embarrassing.”

She will still drive for the firm for the next couple of weeks while licences are transferred over. After that, she plans to spend more time with the family and go on holiday to Turkey before going back to part time work.

The new owners of The Village Shuttle are Gemma and Jason Conopo, who will be looking to build on the foundations laid down by Mrs Nash.

Mrs Conopo said: “She was such an important part of the community and we want to be just as important as her.

“We always wanted to take on a taxi company and this our chance. We will still look to help people in the local area who want to get their shopping.”