Job figures a welcome boost for Daventry

A STUDY has found that Daventry has one of the best available job ratios in the country.

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) revealed last week that the Daventry constituency has just one person on job seeker’s allowance for every one job available.

That compares to an average figure across the country of 6.3 claimants per every vacancy.

Daventry District Council’s (DDC) economic and regeneration portfolio holder Chris Over said the news is a welcome boost for the area.

He added: “It’s excellent news but we have to make sure we don’t get complacent.

“The study is very positive and shows that if you set your stall out and you’re open for investment, then you will get it.

“And it’s that inward investment that keeps employment at a high rate and gives the town and district much better opportunities.

“But we also want to make sure we get a good balance of jobs in the area and not rely on one particular industry. For example we saw that happen with steel in Sheffield, when the industry disappeared there was a catastrophe for the people of the city.

“We want to keep our options open and let people know that Daventry is open for business. If we plan for the future then those who seek to invest will have some confidence in us and hopefully approach us.

“We want to make sure our future generations live in a prosperous community.”

The TUC study found that Labour-held constituencies have 9.8 claimants for every job vacancy, compared with 6.1 in Liberal Democrat seats and 4.5 in Conservative-controlled areas. In Glasgow North East their are 41.7 people chasing every job vacancy.

The TUC says the figures show a “stark divide” in conditions in the labour market and serve as a reminder of how “out of touch” the coalition Government is with the hardships faced by poorer communities.

General secretary Brendan Barber said: “The lack of action by Government on tackling unemployment, particularly while so much energy is being spent cutting back vital public services, is making ministers look out of touch with people’s concerns.”